Sunday, November 20, 2011

St. Nicholas/Sinterklaas/Kleeschen

St. Nicholas is in the country! In anticipation of his nightly visits, children put their shoes in front of the fire place (which we don't have, but somehow he always finds a way to enter the house!). This morning our kids found these cute snowmen in their shoes. I let them put their shoes 2x a week. I know of families where children can put their shoes every day for three weeks, but I think that is too much chocolate and candy. Twice a week is enough! We just told our daughter that he isn't real a week ago. I had hoped that she would believe in him just one more year, but she was asking too many questions and I didn't want to lie to her. She is eight, it is just another step and that is ok.

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  1. It is fun to pretend. The real meaning of Christmas lasts all year.