Monday, June 13, 2011

Mother's Day

We spent the whole long weekend preparing for the big destruction tomorrow and I am really, really tired.
Yesterday was Mother's Day in Luxembourg and they all had thoughtful, lovely surprises for me. The kids were so excited about the presents they brought home from school.

The teachers did a great job, like every year!

And look at this...

Some weeks ago the teacher asked for the children's favorite recipes...

...and made a wonderful cookbook...

...with lots of recipes in four languages from all over the world.

Can you imagine that the +/- 5,500 inhabitants in our community come from 60 different countries!

The purple box contained marzipan balls, baked at school (half of the box was eaten before I could make a photo).

My oldest son came back from Germany and he gave me "time". He took the kids to the playground and I had a much needed afternoon nap.

My second son was in Paris over the weekend, but he called to congratulate me, and when he came home this evening, he brought me a box of my favorite black tea (I am addicted to tea).

My husband gave me a new jewelry tool set (I really needed

I feel blessed!