Friday, June 10, 2011

Decluttering the kitchen

We have a rather small kitchen and I desperately needed more storage room for the six of us. As least, that's what I thought! But instead of taking the old kitchen out and buy a new one, I started decluttering the place, like I did in the rest of the house. I first started to use the empty kitchen window sills. I bought 18 large Ikea glass jars. They were just the right size and I love the look of them.

They contain almost all my dry food.

Leaving me with an almost empty drawer!

I also found some surprises. These bottles had "tax-free" labels, so they must have been bought when I still worked at NATO and that is more than 15 years ago.

Then I started to sort out the kitchen equipment and tools. I threw away everything broken, incomplete or not functioning and I only kept what I really needed.

Look how much space there is still left in my drawers.

Half of my cookbooks had to go. I only kept the ones I am actually using. Most of the recipies come from the internet anyway.

All the space I have created!

Conclusion: we don't need a new kitchen, one day of decluttering did the job!

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  1. I need to do this too. Thank you for the motivation!!