Friday, May 27, 2011

Master bedroom

I really like our bedroom ...

... the frames with old family photos ...

... the chocolate color on the walls ...

... the baskets beside the beds ...

... the antique clothes stand in the corner ...

... there is just one little problem ... the light! It has been like this for months years. We had some spots in the beginning but they didn't match the room anymore. I am still hoping to find a really nice chandelier one day.


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  2. I'd love to see a post about your headboard, or have you already done one and I missed it? I don't have a headboard, and have been wanting to find something. This looks like a wonderful alternative. Is it actually attached to the wall? I can't tell for sure from the photos.

    Enjoy your weekend :-)

  3. Just put a lamp shade (something like a 120 deg one) made of wicker ad it will look fine.
    I did the same for my hanging light at the patio.