Wednesday, May 4, 2011

6th birthday

Today is my son's 6th birthday. My thoughts are with his birth parents, I am very sure they think about him too.

This was the cover page of our adoption file.

Actually we didn't really plan to have a fourth child, however the whole adoption process was such a positive, wonderful, incredible experience that we decided to try to adopt another child. When we came back from South Africa, we started another adoption procedure as soon as possible. We were so very lucky, because 1,5 years later we could go to Johannesburg again to pick up our beautiful baby son. Another important reason for the 2nd adoption was that we thought it would be good for our daugther to have a brother or sister with the same background. They are only 1,5 years apart and they play together all the time. Sure, we have had some tough days, but we would do it again in a heartbeat!

My moment of "giving birth" at the children's home.

Meeting his brothers and sister.

We love him all so very much.


  1. Hi Natacha...thanks for visiting my blog...and to answer your question it's usually very warm and humid in the summer months with lots of mosquitos. We do sometimes drop down to freezing in the winter months...I have lost several tropical plants due to the cold.
    Spring and Fall are the best times to be outside and garden.

    Hav a good week,

  2. That is one cute baby! Happy (belated) Birthday!

  3. Such a beautiful baby! i love children so much that i feel the joy on seeing that little one blow another set of candles...this time 6!

  4. Beautiful post. I can feel your love from here. Happy weekend,