Saturday, March 26, 2011

Decluttering and the Playmobil mansion

Saturday is a busy day. My daughter's dancing class starts as early as 9.15 and in the afternoon both kids have music lessons.

I took photos of the Playmobil Victorian mansion I bought for my daughter two years ago. She didn't play with it very often. It is a beautiful house, but I hate all the small parts, they drive me crazy. When my daughter wanted a Barbie house for her birthday, I said she had to let go of the Playmobil house instead. She agreed and I am planning to sell it on Ebay/Germany. I'll be happy to pass it on to somebody else!

I am subscribed to this Dutch home magazine and I kept most of the issues since 2006. Today I decided it is time to let them go!

This decluttering project creates so much space, not only in my home, but especially in my head!