Monday, March 7, 2011


My best friend from the Czech Republic gave me the sweetest gift for my birthday last month. The dvd is called Babies (Babys/Bébés), an adorable movie following four children from around the world from the moment they are born until their first birthday.
If you are pregnant, or if your daughter is pregnant, or you already have children, or just like children...this is the perfect gift! Don't worry about the language because there is no voice-over, you just hear the mothers and children in the background in their native languages.

This movie is a real hit here in the house. My adopted son wants to see the babies over and over again. Especially the black babies from Namibia are so funny.


  1. I LOVE this movie too! it's so charming. happy birthday.
    I don't remember how i found my way here, but hello! it's nice to meet you!
    xo lori

  2. Wat een leuk idee om dit cadeau te doen bij geboorte of zwangerschap! Ik zal eens zien of ik deze hier ook kan krijgen.