Wednesday, January 26, 2011


In search of my "creative roots", I recently found out that my great-grandfather, the painter, built a house not far away from the sea, with the elegant name "Duinveste". This was around 1920, so he must have been in his 60s already. His oldest son, my grandfather's brother, architect and violin builder, made the plans for his father's house. And guess what...yes, there is a picture! When I started googling, I found an article in a magazine about the house and the family that is living in it today. They renovated it completely and they invited us to come and visit them anytime. We are certainly planning to accept their offer next time we are in the Netherlands!


  1. Wow, that is quite a house. It will be wonderful to visit someday. My grandfather built some homes too, but very small country farm houses. Still, we were able to see a few when we were back in Missouri, and it was wonderful to see them still standing.
    I do love history Natacha, so I find this fascinating!

  2. It's always a wonderful thing to find a way to connect with ancestors. I really hope you get to visit. I have builders in my ancestry and it always touches my heart to see the places they created.

    Carol H.

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