Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shoe lasts

My father and his wife visit Luxembourg twice a year. They wanted to come beginning of October, but unfortunately she was ill and they couldn't travel. This caused a problem on both sides because as soon as I know when they are coming, I start sending packages to his address to save on shipping cost: books, dvd's in Dutch and heavy vintage items. And I order tobacco for him here in Luxembourg (he smokes a pipe), it is sooo much cheaper here than in the Netherlands. What happened was that he had half a room full of boxes and I had a drawer full of tobacco. We decided to drive to drive both to Maastricht (in the south of Holland), have a cup of coffee together and exchange packages. After that we paid our oldest son a visit in Aachen/Germany, did some shopping there and drove home again.
In the boxes were so many lovely things I had almost forgotten about. Among them these gorgeous shoe lasts. I have never seen them like this before, they have high heels!


  1. Ik heb ze 1 keer eerder gezien, in Rotterdam op de markt. Maar toen ik ontdekte dat er aan de hak ook wat kunststof zat heb ik afgehaakt, toch wel jammer nu ik ze (waarschijnlijk zonder kunststof maar dat kun je toch niet zien....) hier zie. De voorkant was nagenoeg hetzelfde. Sinterklaas is dus vroeg gearriveerd dit jaar ;-)!

  2. Those are wonderful. I've never seen any like that before either.

  3. Hi Natacha..those shoes are wonderful...reminds me of Victorian shoes.