Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Princess bedroom

After two sons, a little princess came into the house and like all princesses she wanted a pink bedroom. Pink. Nothing against pink, but the whole room... Instead we bought this warm red paint and we told her it was pink (yes, I know...). She liked it a lot, however some time ago, she said to me: "Mommy, you took the wrong color pink".

I wanted an antique wardrobe for her clothes. And I found one on Ebay in Germany. One hour before the end of the auction, my computer broke down and I couldn't place a bid. I was really sad and angry because I had told my husband days ago that I was having problems. And then he said: "We have one like that at home". We went to the old farmhouse and there it was, in the laundry room, forgotten and full of dirty laundry from the farm. I couldn't believe my eyes, it was perfect!

A princess bedroom needs a chandelier! It is not old, actually I bought it in the super market.

We bought this cute little dress in Africa and it is displayed on an old baby dress form, found in Holland.

These old hooks are french, I have been collecting them for years. My husband used them to make nice little coat racks around the house.

I found this old dolls' bed on the internet in the States. It was shipped to me by sea mail, it took two months to arrive, but it was worth the waiting.


  1. Hi Natacha,
    How lovely you had an armoire that beautiful and didn't know it, it is gorgeous! The hooks and dress are quite beautiful as is the crib. You are right, it was worth the wait from the States.

    Natacha, I want to thank you for your comment about my cat, Gigi. I appreciate you taking the time and sharing your story about your cat that came to stay and helped you through a difficult time. That's how I feel about my cat, she showed up at just the right time, a gift from God for certain. Thank you for your kindness, it is much taken to my heart.
    Hugs from the US ~Tracie

  2. I love that old wardrobe Natacha. The whole room is so pretty. You have a great eye for antiques. I loved the story about "pink" too. It's such a girl thing isn't it? I had a pink room when I was a little girl. All the way down to the carpet. I can't believe my parents actually bought it.

  3. Hi Natacha,
    I'm just catching up with your blog and must say that this is my fave post! I love the armoire! So it was destiny that you didn't get the one from ebay. Can't believe you got the chandelier in a super market. I just bought one at the flea market for 5 Euro and love it.
    You sure created a beautiful room for your beautiful african princess, although it's not pink lol
    xoxo~ Carola
    P.S.: Don't miss my give back!