Sunday, September 5, 2010


Last week I was in Morocco. Well, I was not really there, but it felt as if it was me, roaming around the souks of Marrakech. And all because of her blog.
Actually we were in Morocco, in 1985. It was my first time on a plane. We booked an organized tour and we were happy we did at that time. We had never been outside of Europe and Morocco was so different. It was...magical! We have visited all the important cities, but these organized tours have one disadvantage, there is not enough time to really get to know the country. The most beautiful of all places was Marrakech. Yes, it was hot and dirty, crowdy and noisy, but so wonderful and full of color...we had never seen anything like this city before. Over the years when we talked about Morocco, we often said to each other that we would like to go back to Marrakech one day and spend more than just an afternoon. And then I stumbled across "My Marrakech". I started reading and I just could not stop anymore. I love her tales and pictures from all around the world, they are so inspiring. I clicked through her whole blog last week and I am really sad now because I have read all there was to read. The good news is that Maryam will soon be opening her own B&B in Marrakech. Oh, how I would LOVE to go there! Well, who knows....
But until then I am going to drink a good cup of Moroccan tea, my eyes closed, dreaming of Marrakech.

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  1. I love her blog also. The colors, images, writing. So inspiring. Warmly, Karen