Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer reading list

As you can imagine, my three men were devastated last Sunday when we lost the World Cup finals from Spain. But hey...we survived! Fortunately, there is some hope left as the Luxembourger Andy Schléck is wearing the yellow jersey in the Tour de France. Luxembourg has +/- 500.000 inhabitants only and the whole country is extremely proud of him.

Last school day for the kids. There was a big party yesterday and now we are facing 9 !! weeks of school holidays. If you don't hear from me until mid September, I probably didn't survive.

I wanted to share my summer reading list with you. Well, some of the books are audio books. I love audio books. I've always dreamt of someone reading stories to me in bed, but then I married a Luxembourger who doesn't like reading (he plays basketball...).
I normally read in German, but I looked up the English titles on Amazon.com.

^ Snow Flower and the secret fan.

^ The shadow of the wind.

^ A thousand splendid suns.

^ Couldn't find this one, think it has not been translated into English.

^ This Nelson Mandela movie has been on my list for months. Having 2 children from South Africa, Mandela is our hero of course.

^ I think I'm going to like this one.

By the way, I stopped reading Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander". I have read about 100 pages and I didn't like it at all. I should have known better, this is not my kind of book.

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  1. Vandaag nog even spannend, maar jullie trots is nog steeds in het geel !!! Ik ben plaatstvervangend trots hoor, we zijn en blijven fan !!!
    Ik wens je een hele prettige vakantie met veel luister- en kijkgenot, ik ben van de geschreven boeken en vooral thrillers. Nog 2 weken werken en dan mag ik ook uitrusten ;-)