Friday, April 23, 2010


Yesterday the postman made me very happy, he brought me the books I ordered from Amazon.

^ I love the Where Women Create magazine and books. I could look at the pictures for hours.

^ I have seen so many lovely paper projects on all your blogs, that I might give it a try myself!

^ I am sure I am going to love this one. I have read all her books, and found out only last week that she wrote a book about Africa.

^ I'm not sure about this one. It is the German translation of "Outlander". I have read so much about Diana Gabaldon's books and everybody is so excited that I took the risk and bought me the first part of the series. Normally it is not my style, but I really hope this one is good because it is such a nice thick book and there are 6 more parts. I still have to finish another book, but this one is next on my reading list.

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  1. I'm just reading the Outlander in English and it's pretty hard to understand whenever they talk that Scottish accent, like in real life lol
    Oh and I must get the new WWC book too, I'm so intrigued, can you tell me who's in? I already know that dear Ulla Milbrath is and I think Nicol Sayre too?