Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter 2004 in Johannesburg

When you're rocking her to sleep
and humming lullabies to her soul,
remember to whisper something good
and lasting in her little ear.
Tell her how beautiful, how buttery brown,
how truly loved she is.
Tell her that one day
she may change the world,
but for now, she is the answer
to a sweet silent

We found this little poem somewhere on the internet and used it for our daughter's birth announcement. It expressed exactly the way we felt about her.

Happy tears.

Proud daddy!

The hospital where she was born. Our two social workers in South Africa took us everywhere to help us reconstruct the first 6 months of her life.

The room where her biological mother spent some hours after she was born. What struck me was the cold atmosphere. There was no joy, no happiness, no flowers.....

Joan, one of the social workers, and her daughter Nina. They are the sweetest persons! There was nothing they didn't do for us. We are forever grateful.

We thought we would be spending Easter alone in our B&B, however Zoé, the other social worker, invited us to their family dinner. That was such a sweet thing to do! Both social workers are Jewish and we learned a lot about Jewish Easter. It was one of our most special Easter celebrations ever.

The other side of Johannesburg.


  1. Mooie post! Prachtige foto's van jullie! En wat een mooi en waar gedichtje. Alle kinderen zouden zo welkom geheten moeten worden, helaas is dat niet het geval, maar sommigen krijgen nog een heel goede tweede kans, zoals jullie dochter. Bofferds, jullie allemaal!

  2. What a beautiful poem to announce your daughter to the world. Hasn't the time gone quickly?

  3. Ohhh ja ;) je eieren zijn overigens ook goed geslaagd!

  4. Ik kwam naar de eieren kijken waar je over schreef op mijn blog.. maar werd afgeleid door deze mooie post. Geweldig dat jullie je huis en vooral je hart openen voor deze kinderen ;)