Sunday, February 7, 2010

Silver Sunday No. 6

For the last Silver Sunday (thank you Beth for hosting this fun event during all these weeks!) I am happy to show you three of my new silver soldered pendants.
The first picture shows the front and the second picture the back of the charm.

Themes (for those who do not speak French):

"Chaussure" (shoe),
"Pâques" (Easter) and
"Enfant" (child)

If anyone is interested in buying one of these pendants....they are for sale! Because I only use old paper, they are all one of a kind.
You can always contact me by email.


  1. So pretty...I so want to try soldering one day. Your pieces are absolutely gorgeous! Were they hard to do?
    Happy SS!

  2. Those are wonderful, I have tried soldering and got frustrated at my incompetence but really want to give it another try. Yours are fantastic! Thanks for sharing, Theresa

  3. Deze zijn ook weer mooi geworden! Ik heb ook zo'n Larousse, daar kun je een hoop leuke dingen uithalen hè? Nog een fijne zondag en een goed begin van de week!

  4. Wow!!! You do such a lovely job soldering. I tried but I burned myself countless times. Yours are perfect. Happy SS!