Monday, January 11, 2010

African princess

I do not have anything special to blog about today, so I think I'm going to show you some pictures of our African princess. She was (and is) such a cutie and falling in love with her was so easy. Doesn't she look funny with her three little ponytails? When I was in a hurry, I couldn't possibly take her with me to the supermarket because everybody wanted to start a conversation about her and the adoption. After two months or so she began to notice and like all the attention and she started to send little kisses to everybody around us, which didn't make it any easier. I really had to be a little rude to people sometimes, because it just took too much of my time.


  1. She is absolutely precious. I love the three little ponytails. What country is she from??
    I have a granddaughter from China.

  2. My granddaughter is now 10 years old. She was 10 months old when my daughter and her husband traveled to China to bring her home. She is their only child.

  3. hehe..what a precious baby with a beautiful smile.

  4. Your little baby is beautiful no wonder people are curious. Such a little cutie:)

  5. Oh wat een schatje , ik vind het zo'n poppetje !
    Ik was in Namibie en daar werden de baby's gewoon aangeboden en het liefst had ik er eentje meegenomen, wat wel tien,maar er was eer eentje: een meisje van 4 jaar wat aids had die was zoooo lief, heeft daar geen enkele toekomst , ik vond het verschrikkelijk om haar daar achter te laten.
    We hebben nog van alles geprobeerd en Namibie werkt wel mee maar Nederland niet.
    Uiteindelijk heb ik me er bij neergelegd...