Monday, December 14, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday

Vintage Christmas Monday over at "Anything goes here".
Please find all other participants
Thank you Joan for organizing!

In summer time my husband and I try to visit as many "marchés aux puces" as possible, mostly on the other side of the border in France and Belgium. On one of these trips we found two old floor lamps and this is one of them. My husband repaired and pimped it and I bought a new lamp shade. We paid 10 euro for the two! That really was a bargain. I decorated it with a wreath and a hundred Christmas lights.

And at last this beautiful vintage inspired acorn.

Hope to see you back next Monday.


  1. I love how you decorated the lamps. Such a clever and inventive idea! xo Joan, your hostess.

    And you are welcome. it has been a pleasure to host the party. I am glad I decided to do it on the spur of the moment!

  2. How creative!
    The acorn looks good enough to eat ;+D
    My hubby is Dutch, too!
    Nederland is a nice country to see, the
    people are very sweet.
    Happy Monday ~

  3. Oooh your lamp is so beautiful and just perfect for Christmas! Bisous... Julie Marie

  4. Hello Natacha,

    Beautiful!!! :) This is my first visit to your blog, and I'm joining in as a "Follower", and I'm looking forward to reading/seeing more of what you share!

    Happy Vintage Christmas Monday,

  5. I'd love to go to these marché aux puces with you Natacha!
    That last picture is so pretty with the XMAS letters!
    Sending you happy Vintage Christmas Monday wishes from Boxwood Cottage in Germany

  6. That lamp is gorgeous, and I love the Christmas light wreath on it! And that acorn is so pretty and simple!
    Merry Christmas and Happy VCM!