Monday, December 7, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday

It's Vintage Christmas Monday over at "Anything goes here" today!

And this is my input for today:

A beautiful wreath, handmade by my father's wife for me 20 years ago.

These little forks show the 12 disciples. They are old and only used for Christmas or other special occasions. My grandmother used to have them years ago and I have always remembered them. Some years ago I started searching and was very happy to find a complete set. I have the spoons as well.

And this biscuit jar. I bought it when we were just married, 20 years ago.


  1. Love those wonderful forks! How lucky to have found an entire set!
    Have a great day!
    :) Laura

  2. I remember seeing a wreath like that. I love the Christmas fabrics, especially the one with the kitties.

    Your forks are very unusual. You were lucky to find them.

  3. Oh these diciples are awesome!
    Happy Vintage Christmas Monday Natacha!
    xoxo Carola

  4. How pretty, I love the little forks, and your memories that go along with them... Bisous... Julie Marie

  5. I just love your little forks! I've never seen anything like them. It is such fun too to search and FIND the treasures that warm your heart. Thanks for sharing. Judi

  6. That wreath is really lovely! I have one made of fabric too, but yours is much prettier. Love those little forks, and they're quite beautiful too!
    Happy VCM!

  7. I remember making those wreaths. I am old enough to have done that! Happy Vintage Christmas Monday. xo Joan, your hostess