Monday, November 9, 2009

Birth parents

When I opened my mailbox this afternoon, there was a message from our adoption agency. The social worker in Jo'burg had been contacted by our son's birth parents to ask if it would be possible to get some pictures. Meeting them 4 years ago was very emotional. We promised them to love him and to take good care of him. And when they walked away, out of his life, and I was holding their son in my arms, it almost broke my heart. To hear from them after these 4 years has made me very grateful. When he is old enough to really understand, we shall have to tell him why they gave him up for adoption, but we shall at the same time tell him they did this because they cared for him and they did not forget him. Just knowing that will make all the difference in the world to him.


  1. Dat blijft natuurlijk 'dubbel', heerlijk dat jullie voor dit ventje mogen zorgen, toch een drama dat zijn natuurlijke ouders dat niet kunnen. Heel goed dat jullie nog contact hebben. Mooie post, iets om over na te denken.

  2. Aw this must have been so hard for his parents to do *sigh* Yes it will sure make a difference to tell him that his parents cared for him.