Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I wore Wednesday - November 7, 2012

Only one outfit to share with you today for WIWW.
The weather has been so grey the whole week.

Dress and underdress from Cream.
Boots from Tamaris.
Do you see the color of my pantyhose?
The first time my kids saw me wear it, they were really confused about the pantyhose in the color of their skin.
We had a little talk about the expression "skin color".
When the kids are drawing, they mean the light beige/pink color when they ask for the skin colored pencil.
Same for the pantyhose, "skin color" means beige.
But what about their color? Their brown "skin color"?
I tried to explain the illogicality of the word, but I don't think they really understood.
The bracelet : made by me.
pleated poppy