Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What I wore Wednesday - 31st October, 2012

Taking good photos this time of year is really difficult.
Too dark inside the house and too cold outside :-))

I bought this burgundy dress last week.
I wouldn't wear a short dress like that anymore (at my age!),
but I love wearing it in combination with
an underdress and a cardigan.
I really like this color
(you see it everywhere, at least here in
Luxembourg where I live)
and I was so happy to find tights in
the same color.
The necklace (the red one) : handmade by me.

I think I have shown everything I was wearing
here in former posts.
These underdresses are so easy to combine
with tights and winter boots.
The necklace : this one is very special to me.
I bought it in Johannesburg and wore it to court
when we were adopting our son.
pleated poppy